• During lockdown, the Citroën Origins virtual museum is being expanded with the inclusion of engaging archive footage from the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel in France.
  • The newly released content is accessible via the VINTAGE RECORDS section of the Citroën Origins
  • Further films will be made available each month, grouped around different subjects: Citroën and you, Citroën and celebrities, Citroën and adventure, etc.
  • Available now at: www.citroenorigins.com

Launched in 2016, the Citroën Origins virtual museum is a special destination providing an immersive experience of the brand’s heritage. The website brings together a collection of over 80 iconic Citroën vehicles. It is accessible in 65 countries, with 2.7 million visits since its launch. The website provides an innovative, 360° and fun experience on-board various classic models, in 3D (interior/exterior) and with sound.

During this period of lockdown in so many countries across the world, easy access to information and engaging content is increasingly at the heart of our daily lives. Citroën is proud to offer an opportunity to explore the past with its Citroën Origins virtual museum, which is being expanded with content from the archives from the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel, located in the VINTAGE RECORDS section of the website.

This journey through time is organised around five subjects that will develop over the coming months:

  1. CITROËN & YOU: How the brand has always supported our lives: Red Cross vehicles, first postal vehicles, holiday trips etc.
  2. CITROËN & CELEBRITIES: From Pompidou via Roland Barthes or Bourvil, many leading figures have driven Citroën vehicles.
  3. CITROËN & THE FUTURE: Design and technology are features of Citroën’s history, as the gems from the INA will illustrate.
  4. CITROËN & ADVENTURE: Looking back at images from epic journeys and other motoring adventures.
  5. CITROËN & RECORDS: Races and rallies, Citroën’s sporting successes also give us the chance to look back via images and achievements.

The first films in CITROËN & YOU are available now: http://www.citroenorigins.co.uk/en/landing/vintage-records/

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