Smooth sailing on first day of NSC Examination

The Department of Education is happy with the first day of the NSC final examination.

“We can report that it was a smooth sailing and incident free in all our examination centers. We remain committed to ensuring that the integrity of our examination administration is sound and intact.

“In all our endeavors we are cognizant of the Covid-19 Health and Safety compliance issues that must at all times find expression in how we administer the examination. Social distancing, wearing of face masks and washing of hands regularly remain the order of the day.”

More than 23 000 candidates are registered to sit for the 2020 final year NSC examination.

The English FAL (First Additional Language) was written from 09:00 today until 11:00 followed by both English HL ( Home Language) and English SAL (Second Additional Language)at 14:00 this afternoon.

“We are confident that the class of 2020 will do us proud as a province.”

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