The famous breakfast show at Radio Teemaneng Stereo kicked off with a very relevant topic and that is “your safety is my safety”. This was also nudged by the Holiday season that is on our door-step and people should look out for themselves and others.

Capt Sergio Kock from the Northern Cape SAPS Media Centre and talkshow host Benjamin Tshabile from Radio Teemaneng highlighted safety hints for our homes, Trio crimes, contact crimes, shopping malls/centre’s and in your vehicles.

One of the relevant hints relayed was cash withdrawals at ATM’s and banks. People must be weary not to carry or withdraw large amounts of cash during the holiday period. Please do not accept assistance from strangers at ATM’s. Do not use ATM’s that is situated in dark and secluded areas. Do not display money withdrawn in the public. Keep personal belongings like handbags and wallets safe. Always observe your surroundings before, during and after withdrawing money.

The interview highlighted the recent sentencing Elvis Malebo(26), who brutally murdered his girlfriend, Evelyn Mocumi(27) in Hartswater on 14 June 2020. Malebo bludgeoned Mocumi to death by inflicted 34 wounds to her with a panga and a knife. The accused received 25 years imprisonment for the criminal offense. Listeners in abusive relationships were encouraged to break the silence and speak out. There is help out there, you are not alone, call upon family, friends, police, spiritual leaders and get out of your situation. It’s never too late to break free!.

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