The Northern Cape’s rising Fashionista

They say fashion is an art, an absolute art that tells a story, Kimberley born Lynette Johnson’s fashion brand (House of Basadi) which can be translated as a house for women, is nothing short of an African story.  The product is centered around the crux of women around the globe to persevering to inspire, make an impact, and to empower through fashion, authenticity, and business. 

Edgy and elegant

The boutique is also inspired by the founder’s love for African (Ankara) patterns. Her accessories range from clutch bags, earrings, rings, head wraps, and necklaces. The garments have an edgy, elegant look bringing various colourful Ankara prints to life. The clothes range from jackets, pullovers, skirts, dresses, and shoes. Her designs are also blended a lot with denim, Asian batik as well as tie-dye.

Lynette’s passion for fashion started quite early in her life. As a young girl, she loved to dress up, mix and match, and make numerous creations, something she says she attained from her mother.  “My personal style is influenced by bold colours, chic, comfortability, simplicity, and being versatility. Growing up with two hard-working parents, this trait rubbed off on the young fashion artist as she has worked hard to create her business. The entrepreneur is a self-taught seamstress. “I learned this skill when I was in Nigeria working as a Co-ordinator of the Internally Displaced Persons Skills Acquisition Centre (IPD-SAC). The artist admits that she is still honing her fashion designing skills and getting educated in it.

The House of Basadi brand

Upon her return in 2018, the young female decided to start the House of Basadi brand. “I love the fact that I can create different looks based on my mood or season,” says Lynnette. She adds that she loves sewing and is a designer in the making. 

Lynette walked away with the first prize at the 2019 Standard Bank Top Women Conference held in Kimberley and was also consequently nominated for the Standard Bank Top Women Awards in the category of Top Gender Empowerment in Johannesburg in which she became a front-runner.

Making the community part

“I hope to bring an impact of value and inclusion by making the community part of my business through an in-house trainee and mentorship opportunities while incorporating them as a part of my labour force. Lynette hosted a 6 weeks accessory making and mentorship program in Kimberley as part of her incentive through the Standard Bank Top Women. Aside from fashion, the nosiness woman enjoys public speaking, baking, cooking, and reading in her spare time.


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