Missing security guard

KIMBERLEY. – A Scorp Security officer has been missing for more than a week.

Wickus Coetzee, owner of Scorp Security, said that they are very concerned about one of their employees who was last seen by his family on Tuesday, 16 June 2020. Noah Nemaunga, never arrived for work at a site approximately 3 km outside Kimberley, to perform his night shift duty.

Coetzee confirmed that the supervisor spoke to him earlier that day, giving him permission to go straight to his site. “He would’ve traveled with his bike and wearing his Scorp Safety uniform. After he failed to report to the control room of his status and site report, one of our supervisors drove out to the premises to investigate. He couldn’t find any trace of Noah and organised a replacement guard for the night.“

At the time no-one suspected any serious problem regarding his absence.


Concern about his whereabouts were only sparked two days later when Scorp Security learned that his family hasn’t seen or heard from him either, since the 16th of June. Coetzee said “A family member contacted us to enquire if we have any information as to where he might be. We didn’t. We assisted by contacting local authorities and hospitals to confirm if there have been any reports involving a person matching his description.”

Nemaunga’s Whatsapp status shows he was last online at 5:50 pm on Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

Talent Bulayane Dube, another relative of the missing Nemaunga, says the family posted a photo of him on Facebook, asking assistance in finding him.

If anyone knows anything about where Nemaunga is, they can call Tsano Nemaunga on 061 096 9822.

FiND iT has placed an inquiry to SAPS for further information.

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