Solidarity joining legal battle in the case over stopping the opening of schools

Solidarity is also entering the lawsuit which the Educators’ Union of South Africa (EUSA) has brought before the courts to stop the reopening of schools says Werner Human, Deputy Chief Executive Legal Services and Research of Solidarity.

Irreparable harm to learners

”EUSA demands that the decision to reopen the schools be set aside. This will result in the closure of approximately 24 000 public schools and 3 500 private schools, which would eventually cause irreparable harm to learners of those schools that are ready to reopen as well as to their teachers and staff.” says Human

Education impeded

“Not only will learners’ constitutional right to education be impeded if the application succeeds, but many governing body positions will also be lost,” Dr Dirk Hermann, Solidarity chief executive, said.

“The closing of schools will not be without consequences and it will cause irreparable harm to learners, teachers, parents and the community. There is no reason why schools that can provide a learning environment that does not compromise learner health and creates a safe work environment for teachers and staff should be closed. Solidarity will fight tooth and nail for our children’s right to education and teachers and staff’s right to work,” Dr Hermann concluded.

The case will be heard in the urgent court in the Pretoria High Court on 9 June.

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